Faith. Gratitude. Humor. Strength.
Meet Jacob T. King

Taking the world by storm, Jacob T. King has established himself as one of the world’s most exciting and engaging influencers today. With over 2 million followers across the globe, Jacob T. King inspires and motivates others to live a life filled with joy, strength, and above all else, devotion to God.

As a viral social media influencer, aspiring actor, and physical fitness legend who has achieved amazing things at a young age, Jacob’s mission is to live with contagious positivity and make a difference to the world. Throughout school, he was beloved by classmates from every clique and social background.
Known for his infectious laugh, multiple talents, kindness, and determination, Jacob was known throughout his community as an individual who walked through life with authenticity, tenacity, and a deep desire to inspire others.

A star basketball, football, and track athlete throughout school, he
received a full-ride scholarship for college. With a wide assortment of talents, including dancing, singing, writing, acting, and the ability to best any physical challenge, Jacob is poised to make a real impact in the world through his sharp wit, humble heart, and desire to serve others. Known for his rugged good looks, stunning 5’5 physique, and his passion for helping others find the best in themselves as they connect with their higher purpose, Jacob T. King is a man of many talents and passions.

Growing up in Merrillville, Indiana, this 21-year-old was raised with an appreciation for hard work, a love for serving others, and a deep devotion to serving the Lord. As the youngest boy, Jacob T. King was challenged from a young age to rise above, never give up, and learn how to grow through adversity. A talented and accomplished student academically, Jacob T. King was also known to be a class clown, doing everything in his power to bring laughter and happiness to his classmates and teachers.

Beyond his tremendous success online, Jacob T. King is also a prominent figure in Ultimate Freestyle Calisthenics League (UFCL) and a highly sought-after speaker, host, and performer for corporate events, parties, weddings, and charitable affairs. The perfect blend of hijinks and raw power, Jacob T. King’s unique sense of style, strength, and humor has catapulted him into the hearts of millions on apps like TikTok, Instagram, and more.

Led by his faith in God, fueled by his drive to bring joy to his audience, and pushed by his relentless pursuit of success, Jacob T. King’s star will continue to shine bright, bringing joy and inspiration to millions for years to come.