August 24, 2022 worklush

Jacob T. King Wins Big at UFCL

As Jacob King stepped up to compete at the latest Ultimate Freestyle Calisthenics League (UFCL) event, there was no doubt that the weight of the moment had crossed his mind.

“Yes I was nervous, it was one of my biggest battles,” he said. “For the lightweight title.”

Those nerves didn’t impact him. King performed perfectly and won the light weight at UFCL.

King has been training hard to become one of the top calisthenics athletes in his field. He is considered the best calisthenics athlete from the state of Indiana, hailing from Lake Station.

Training hard and putting in the work, a moment like this is when King felt like all of his dedication had paid off and made him hungrier for more.

“The best feeling was when I won the belt because of how hard I worked and how much time I put into busting my tail to get better,” he said.

Not only does he get the bragging rights and the satisfaction of a big win, but it also means immense career development and growth for the young athlete who is trying to make a name for himself in one of the fastest growing and popular leagues in America.

With the win at the UFCL competition, he is adding to his sponsor list, his trophy case, and his bank account. Maybe most importantly, he is gaining more traction and exposure, which will help the ambitious King grow his platform.

Inspiring others and showing that the impossible can be done is important to King who posts videos and different workouts on his Instagram @jacob_t_king.

“I want to continue to grow rapidly and make a difference.”

While calisthenics may not be the most familiar sport to some, it’s not hard to realize what makes the sport so fun and rewarding to try.

“You can do anything you put your mind to,” King said. “Never feel like there’s a limit to how good you can get.”

That mindset has worked for him, now owning one of the most coveted titles in the country and creating a path for him to only grow. There is no doubt that with this win, King is now making a real name for himself and putting his skills on the map for other competitors to see.

He doesn’t want to just be a great athlete, but also an ambassador and face of a sport that will become one of the most popular here in the United States.

If you would like to get in touch with King, he can be reached at [email protected] or his social media @ Jacob_T_King